School Alert

Methven Primary School uses School Alert to send message alerts and reminders to school families. This cloud-based service allows parents to select the platform that they wish to receive the alerts/reminders via.

School Alert allows us to send three types of alerts:

  1. Normal: This is used to keep parents/caregivers up-to-date with happenings around the school (including school newsletters) and to send out reminders.
    Alerts are sent via email and parents/caregivers can also receive alerts via various apps including Facebook Messenger and Twitter.There is no cost to the school to send out a Normal alert.
  2. Urgent: We send out important updates (e.g. school closures) via the urgent messages.
    Alerts go to emails, apps and SMS texts. If a person has a non-mobile phone, School Alert calls them up and reads our alert to you. Cost to the school (12c per text, 9c per mobile voicemail, 3c per landline voicemail).
  3. Critical: This is a new level of alert where messages are sent via emails, apps and voice calls for all phones.


  1. The office staff will load the mobile number and email address of Caregiver 1 (as per enrolment form) into the system upon enrolment at MPS, allocating them to various groups throughout the year (i.e. Classroom, Bus Student, Friday Snow Sports Option)
  2. Please phone, email or pop into the office if you would like to add other caregiver details to the system, or register to receive alerts via Facebook Messenger, Twitter Alerts.
  3. It is up to parents and caregivers to keep their contact details up to date with the school office so that you continue to receive our alerts.




If you need assistance with School Alert please drop into the school office or email Michelle.