Hero is a powerful and secure online student management system that allows Methven Primary School to record enrolment/student information, communicate with caregivers, share/track learning, and track family finances.

Hero Access

All caregivers (as per student enrolment form) have been given access to Hero. If you have any queries or requests (i.e. blended families or caregivers that don’t want access) please don’t hesitate to contact .

Hero can be access via https://our.linc-ed.com or via an App (instructions below):

Hero App Instructions – Parents

Hero Status

To check that all systems are operational, visit the Linc-Ed Status page

What your app should look like

Community Notices is the first thing you will see. You will only see Notices that are relevant to your child/ren. i.e. Class, Team, Year or Sporting Activity. If the text is long, you may need to click read more to view the whole message.

In the left hand drop down menu you will see your children. At a later stage you will find their learning goals and school reports here.

A finance link also appears in this menu. Here you can view all financial contributions requested by the school and receipts.

Text (SMS) Alerts

  • These are utilised by office staff for unexplained absences in the mornings.
  • Text Alerts will also be utilised by office staff and the leadership team to communicate urgent messages i.e. School is closed due to snow.
  • As Text Alerts cost the school 16c each, we have just loaded the Primary caregiver (as per student enrolment form) to receive these notifications. If you would like an additional caregiver to receive these alerts, please let us know.


  • Caregivers are able to view financial statements in the Hero app.
  • The access to view finances is caregiver/student specific and is managed separately from the access to view student learning. It also means that a caregiver can have access to view the finances for one child in a family but not another. This is particularly useful in blended family situations where students with different secondary caregivers are linked as siblings. The caregiver will only see the student on a family statement that they have access to see. Any queries or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • On entry, it will default to Unpaid Line Items, but a caregiver may choose to view the full statement or just one particular year. Clicking the blue amount in the credit column will reveal the payments or other credit transactions applied against the line item.
  • Family accounts are reconciled every weekday morning so up to date financial information is easily accessible.
  • Once a month we send you a Statement notification / email link to remind you to view your statement online.
  • You may also receive a notification if we have loaded an opt-in activity expense that may need to be paid before your registration can be processed. i.e. Miniball.
  • Hero does have the ability to make online payments through a secure payment gateway. Methven Primary School does not currently have this option set up. Our preferred method of payment is still via Internet banking. Cash & cheques can be delivered to the school office.


Parents receive ONE form of notification when a Community Notice is published.

If they log into the Hero mobile app they will receive an in-app notification. If they log into Hero via a web browser they will receive an email notification.

If a parent has logged in on a phone and a tablet, they will get in-app notifications to both devices. If they log out of one device (e.g. their phone) they will continue to receive in-app notifications on the other device (e.g. their tablet). If the parent logs out of both mobile devices they will receive an email notification.

If a parent has logged into the Hero mobile app previously but is currently logged out on all of their devices they will receive an email notification.

In all cases, the notification will direct the parent to log into Hero to view the full post.

Hero truncates email notifications to show the first 800 characters of the post within the body of the email notification. By logging into Hero, parents can view the full message, embedded documents, media, or links to download attachments.

Methven Primary School recommends that you take the time to look at your phone/device settings to see what app notifications are available to you.

Some screen shots from an Android phone are below to give you an idea. All phones/devices will be slightly different.



Hero are aware that some users are not receiving app notifications on their Apple device even though all settings are correct. The interference with receiving these notifications appears to be occurring after the point that the notification has left Hero and gone to the Apple Push Notification Services to be sent to the device. Hero’s technical team are currently investigating ways of resolving this, aware that it is vitally important that all caregivers are aware when MPS sends a Community Notice out to caregivers.

Having problems??

  • If you login into Hero and can’t see your child’s photo or Community Notices, please ring the office on 302 8500 and we will refresh your account while on the phone with you. (We don’t need to reset you password etc)
  • If the … read more link on a Community Notice isn’t working, or you can’t open/download the PDF – please uninstall your Hero app, and then reinstall the latest Hero app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Most phones/devices will automatically update when a new version is released, but the occasional phone/device may have problems. Please check you are running the most up to date version of the app.
  • Please ensure we have your up to date email address.
  • If you can’t login to the Hero app at any stage due to a technical issue, remember you can also access Hero via this website link: https://our.linc-ed.com/
  • Any other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the MPS office staff. Hero have great support system that we are able to access, and they are very responsive to our support tickets.