A-Z Information Directory

Please find below an A-Z directory of general information relating to Methven Primary School. If you can’t find the information you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact the school office on 302 8500 or email .


Regular school attendance is important for children’s progress. Please contact the school office on 302 8500 before 9:00am if your child is going to be absent. An answering machine is available to record these absences – please leave the students name, class name and reason for absence on the message. On returning to school a child needs to bring a note of explanation for any absence – this is to comply with Government regulations regarding school attendance.

Please notify the office if your child:

  • Is being picked up by someone else
  • Is to leave the school grounds
  • Will be absent from or be late for school
  • Will be collected early
  • Is absent due to a notifiable infectious disease
  • will be off the afternoon school bus

If you child is late for school, please have them visit the school office on their arrival so that the attendance register can be updated.


Assembly / Whanau Hui

We hold a combination of whole school assemblies and Whanau Hui’s at Methven Primary School – an opportunity for students to sing, be proud of their work and celebrate our MPS STAR’s.

Whole School Assemblies are held at the Mount Hutt College Hall.

Whanau Hui’s are when students gather in their house/whanau groups. Students are in smaller sharing groups, alongside their siblings, to talk about their learning.

Information regarding upcoming Assemblies and Whanua Hui’s can be found on our event calendar.


Athletic Sports

Methven Primary School, Our Lady of the Snows School, and Lauriston School hold a joint Athletic Sports day each year in Term 4. The event is organised by (and held at) Methven Primary School.

Junior students are placed in mixed gender, age and ability groups for running, jumping & throwing activities. The activities are designed to teach athletic skills that lead on to Senior athletic activities, with the emphasis on participation, accepting and being sporting.

Senior students are separated by gender and age groups and participate in high jump, long jump, short sprint, long sprint, shot put, and discus events. Students have the opportunity to become eligible for the County Schools Athletic Sports, and the Canterbury Athletic day in Christchurch.

Details will be listed on our Event Calendar leading up to the event.

Bank Account

Methven Primary School’s Bank Account details are below:

Methven Primary School
Bank & Branch: BNZ, Methven
Account Number: 02-0868-0013797-000


The school operates a very successful Behaviour Management Programme, whereby children are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and behaviour and to respect their own property and that of others. Each class has a Behaviour Book that monitors classroom issues and there is a Playground Book that monitors playground incidents. We have a six-step Behaviour Procedure that allows children to clearly understand the consequences of repeated inappropriate behaviour. Parents are contacted of there are serious matters of concern. We would encourage parents to contact the school if they have any concerns.

Our MPS STARs; “Sporting, Trustworthy, Accepting & Responsible” provide a clear set of behaviour expectations for the children to achieve within the school environment.Save


Board of Trustees

Iinformation can be found on our Board of Trustees page.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club keeps the reading momentum rolling all year long by providing children and families with regular access to age-appropriate and affordable books. Our school benefits too! We earn 20% in Scholastic Rewards on all Book Club orders which helps us purchase additional learning and literacy resources. The easiest way for parents to order and pay for LUCKY Book Club is online. Visit www.scholastic.co.nz/loop or download the LOOP apps to get started. Order forms with cash or cheques (payable to Scholastic New Zealand) can be returned to the school office.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Information on BYOD can be found on our Stationery page.

Bus Enrolment

Parents are to fill out a Bus Enrolment Form and deliver it to the school office as soon as possible, making sure all details are entered including a full physical address with a RAPID number. The school office then forwards your enrolment form to the Methven Area Bus Group bus controller, who will contact you directly to confirm your enrolment and conditions/rules of travel.

Bus Travel

The Methven Primary School office needs to be informed of any temporary changes to the afternoon school bus run including if your child will be absent or not traveling by bus on a particular day. Parents/caregivers can ring the school office to advise of these changes or use the bus book in the school office up until 3pm each day. Senior students are also able to sign themselves out on this book. Please ensure you keep your child’s bus traveling details up to date with the office.

It is important that you stay with your child/ren until the bus picks them up in the morning and be prepared to meet them when they arrive home each day. Please be on the side of the road that they alight. Teach your child bus safety rules. Bus Monitors are appointed to assist our bus children. After school, bus children assemble on the asphalt court area in their bus lines, and the roll is checked by the Bus Monitors. On wet days children assemble in the hall. Senior pupils help the little ones to the bus depot and see them safely onto the buses. Two duty teachers oversee this responsibility.

Children are given high-vis vests in the afternoon to wear until they reach their home. In the morning children are to wear their high-vis vest from their home until they reach the bus yard.

The Methven Area Bus Group is responsible for all issues involved in your child’s journey by bus, so please phone their Bus Controller on 027 243 0464 or email if you have a concern to discuss. The Group use a facebook to communicate with parents/caregivers regarding bus delays so we recommend you connect with their page: https://www.facebook.com/methvenareabusgroup/.


Visit our Communication page to view a summary of Methven Primary School’s preferred communication methods.


Community Loans

Members of the community can borrow equipment that is not currently being used by the school. There are two requirements; the community loan book in the office is filled in fully and any equipment damaged is repaired at the user’s cost.

Complaints Procedure


No discussion on any complaints involving pupils or staff should take place in the presence or hearing of pupils.

Pupil Complaints

If you have a complaint about a pupil or pupils, you should refer your complaint to your child’s classroom teacher. If the action or response does not satisfy your concern, please refer your complaint to the Junior or Senior Associate Principals.

Teacher Complaints

In the event of a complaint about a teacher, you must first make an effort to discuss the problem with the teacher concerned before you approach the Junior or Senior Associate Principal or Principal.

The full complaints procedure is available from the School Office.


Contact Details

School contact details can be found at the bottom of every page of our website.


Cross Country

Methven Primary School, Our Lady of the Snows School, and Lauriston School hold a joint Cross Country event each year in Term 2. The event is organised by (and held at) Lauriston Primary School. Students have the opportunity to become eligible for the County Cross Country.

  • Year 1 – 600m
  • Year 2 – 700m
  • Year 3 – 1000m
  • Year 4 – 1500m
  • Year 5 – 2000m
  • Year 6 – 2000m

Details are listed on our Event Calendar leading up to the event.


Methven Primary School has a clear commitment to providing quality programmes of work in all areas of the curriculum, but above all aims to ensure that the quality of its programmes in the core areas of English and Maths are a priority in each class. Curriculum areas are reviewed and updated regularly as new national curriculum documents are produced and the needs of our school change.



Dental Hygiene

The Canterbury District Health Board’s mobile community dental service visits Methven Primary School once a year. They are next expected to arrive at school Term 4 2018.

  • The dental therapist will not only be checking the children’s teeth but will also Xray, clean and apply protective treatments fluoride and or Fissure sealants (coating put on teeth to prevent decay) if required.
  • If your child requires further dental care such as fillings they will bring home a ‘Care Plan’ which will explain what dental care is required.
  • When you receive the ‘Care Plan’ please contact their Call Centre as soon as possible as you will need to arrange a time to bring your child to one of their Community Clinics for this dental treatment.
  • Please let them know if you wish to be present at your child’s check up or if you do not wish your child to have any of the proposed dental care. You can phone the call centre or talk to the staff in the mobile.

If your child has a dental issue outside of the planned school visit, please phone the call centre to make an appointment at another Mid Canterbury location.

To contact the call centre, phone 0800 846 983 or email .


A voluntary donation of $50 per child or $100 per family would be greatly appreciated.





In Term One a ‘have a go’ duathlon is held for Years 1 – 4. This event is held at the conclusion of the MPS Swimming gala held in Term One.

We also hold a Triathlon in Term One for Years 3 – 6. Competitive racing option: Swim 2 lengths of Methven Pool, bike 3kms (approx) and run 1km (approx). Non-competitive racing option: Swim 1 length or 3 widths of Methven Pool, bike 1.5kms (approx) and run 500m (approx). Details are listed on our Event Calendar leading up to the events.


Our school is part of the N4L network set up by the Ministry of Education to provide high speed internet. This comes with robust filtering, but all children are expected to respect our school rules for internet usage. A form needs to be signed by children and parents on enrolment and annually for the Senior Syndicate children. We have a growing number of devices per class for specific use of enhancing learning. Children are taught safe internet usage and are guided in their skills to use different programmes, sites and Apps for collaborative learning, inquiry, skill practice and sharing. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is being put in place for our older students. Senior classes are predominantly using windows devices and junior students use ipads to support their learning.


Detailed information can be found on our Enrolment Information page.





Education Outside The Classroom (ETOC) is the name given to all events/activities that occur outside the classroom, both on and off the school site. Our school believes in using a range of environments and experiences to enhance our students’ learning We are close to various rich learning environments for our students. Our EOTC consent on the Consent Form covers activities within normal school hours and within walking distance from the school that are deemed low risk (Table 3.1 Management guide for EOTC activity types. EOTC Guidelines. MOE.2009). The consent includes Sport and Swimming run by the school. There is a school camp every year for the Senior students and costs for this are met by parents. Parent Support is vital to ensure the success of School Camps.




Detailed information on upcoming school events can be found on our Event Calendar page.




Expenses / Family Accounts

Additional expenses (i.e. Notified activities like skiing, school camp) and donations are loaded onto to your family account on Hero.

Our preferred method of payment is online via 02-0868-0013797-000. Cash can also be provided in a named envelope to the school office.

If you are making an electronic payment, please use your student’s name and indicate what you are paying for.

Please note, if you do not state what you are paying for we will apply your payment as follows:

  • Oldest invoices first
  • School Donation last

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – New Students

You can travel to school on scooters and bikes, however bikes are not to be used on the school grounds during school time.  

During 1st and 2nd lunch you can use your scooter on our scooter track and around the main tarmac area. Helmets must be worn with scooters.

First look around the places you’ve spent time in.  

Then look in the ‘Lost Property’ boxes located in the corridor by the library. 

If your item is named it usually turns up after a few days.

In class: talk to your home class teacher. If you are not feeling well or have hurt yourself, you will be sent to the Office with a class member and a note about your symptoms. The Office Staff will take you to our ‘Sick Bay’ to lie down or tend to your injury. Office Staff will check on your wellbeing. They will notify your parents if you need to go home. If you do need to go home a class member will bring over your school bag.   

In the playground: see the Duty Teacher. The Duty Teacher will decide if you need to go to the ‘Sick Bay’ and will take you there for treatment or monitoring. They will call your parents if you need to go home or see a doctor. If you do need to go home a class member will bring over your school bag.

At 1st lunch (11-11.30) juniors (New entrants – Yr 2) will sit outside Pudding Hill to eat something from their lunchboxes before going to play. Seniors (Yr 3 – Yr 6) are allowed to eat outside their classes and then play. At 2nd lunch juniors will take their lunchboxes to sit outside Pudding Hill. Seniors sit in the area outside Opuke. You must wait for the Duty Teacher to dismiss you after 15 minutes. There are drinking fountains around the school if you need a drink.

Yes, you can bring food like pies, toasties and pizza etc. to be warmed. We do not have the facilities to heat noodles or other foods that need boiling water. You must make sure your item is wrapped in tin foil and has your name and class clearly labelled on it. There will be a place in your class where you can leave your food item when you get to school. It will be collected by a senior student. At 2nd lunch you can collect your food item by the bell outside the office – wait for your name to be called.

If you are a new entrant to Year 2 you can play on the ‘adventure playground’, which includes climbing frames, a flying fox, slide and swing rope etc. You are also allowed on the playing fields, main court area, the trees around Mahuri and the ‘red house’ at the entrance and scooter track.  If you are a Yr 3 – 6 you are allowed on the above as well as the treeline on alternate weeks (this will be posted in the daily notices). No students are to play behind the classrooms on the Mt Hutt College side – you must be able to be seen by duty teachers.

The treeline is the long strip of trees on our playing fields.  If you are in Yr 3 – 6 you are allowed to play in the treeline, build huts and climb the trees (no higher than 6ft). Yr 3 & 4 alternate weeks with Yr 5 & 6 in the treeline – the weeks are announced in our daily notices.

At 2nd lunch our PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) will bring out a trolley from our PE Shed. The trolley contains balls, bats, hoops and other equipment to play with. You must return any items you play with to the trolley by the end of lunch. If you lose or break any equipment, please let the PALs know.  

The library is also open during some lunchtimes (see the daily notices).

A Duty Teacher is a teacher who supervises at 1st and 2nd lunch. They wear orange high-vis vests and will carry a pack that contains plasters, details of children who have severe allergies and a behaviour book. Duty Teachers ensure that students are safe and happy. If you are injured or feel unwell seek out the Duty Teacher and let them know your symptoms. Duty Teachers also reward students showing our MPS values in the playground with ‘Stellar Cards’.

At MPS we follow something called using your WITS.  It stands for:

  • Walk away
  • Ignore
  • Talk it out
  • Seek help from an adult

Usually by doing the WIT you can avoid seeking help from a duty teacher. However, if none of the first 3 things work then find the duty teacher.

A ‘Stellar Card’ is a reward Duty Teachers will award to students who display our MPS values in the playground.  They will write down the reason you were awarded this and your details. You will then be sent to put your card in the House Colour Box. 

Stellar Cards will be drawn each week and those students will attend a ‘Fun ‘n Games Friday’ where you are able to play board games, sports, arts & crafts and have a whole lot of fun! Stellar Cards are also added up each week and combined to House Colour scores to establish an overall winning House each term.

Every fortnight, usually on a Friday, you will meet in a specific place with your House group. This will include any family members at the school. We have time in our House group to sing songs, share our learning and successes and talk about our behaviour focuses or any announcements.

When you enrol at MPS you will be given a House Colour, either Whero (Red), Kahurangi (Blue), Kakariki (Green) or Kowhai (Yellow). During the school year students will carry out sporting activities and whole school events within their House Colour group. We have a ‘House Colour’ box outside the Principal’s Office where ‘Stellar Cards’ can be placed and this will go towards your House Colour. Winning houses get to do fun things together throughout the year.

In class we have STAR certificates to celebrate our achievements for showing our STAR values. We are working towards being Sporting, Trustworthy, Accepting and Responsible. Your teachers will reward you with stars for your certificate when you are consistently showing these values. When a section, for example Accepting, has been filled you will be awarded a ‘Collectors Card’ in your ‘Whanau Hui’ and your photo will be included in the school newsletter. You can attach the ‘Collectors Card’ to your school bag zip!

Each student is able to take out 2 school library books at a time.  Your class will have a time during the week where you can return, renew or get out new books.  The daily notices will let you know when the library is open during 2nd lunch.  You can use the library for colouring activities, to read quietly or get out books. If you lose library books you will have to pay a fee.

At the end of the day all bus students will go to the hall.  Find the name of your bus and sit down in a row with the others from your bus. Your bus monitor (usually a Yr 6 student) will do a roll call and let you know when it is time to line up at the bus shed outside. If you are off the bus that day you must sign out of the ‘bus book’ which is located in the Office during the day or in the hall after school. Please let the Office staff know if you are off buses on a regular day (sports etc.).

First Aid / Sickness

Should a child suffer an accident at School, they will be attended to, and if it is felt that a Doctor’s advice is necessary then the parent will be contacted immediately. If children become ill at school, the parents will be notified to come and take them home. Many of our staff have current first aide certificates.


Detailed information can be found on our Fundraising page.

Gifted & Talented

Our policy is to ensure that Gifted and Talented students are recognised, affirmed and that opportunities are provided for these students to further excel in their area(s) of strength. Some children are nominated to be assessed for participation in a One Date School Programme currently based in Ashburton. Please contact the school office for more information.


Hero is the new Student Management System operating within Methven Primary School. Please visit our dedicated Hero page for more information.

Home Learning

Purpose of Home Learning

  • To extend and consolidate school based learning
  • To develop self regulation (organise time & equipment)
  • To foster a link between home and school (share current learning)

Home Learning Helper’s Role

  • Take an interest in Home Learning and support children when needed
  • Ensure children do not spend excessive time completing tasks
  • Liaise with classroom teachers if there are any concerns

Teachers Role

  • Set relevant and purposeful home learning tasks
  • Acknowledge home learning on a regular basis
  • Provide adapted Home Learning for children with specific needs
  • As appropriate, provide options for topic based projects and/or Websites for skill practice

Home Learning Options

  • Mahuri – Tasks: Reading, Spelling Words, Basic Facts/Maths Cards (approx 15 mins)
  • Piwakawaka – Tasks: Reading, Spelling Words, Basic Facts/Maths Knowledge Activity (approx 15 – 20 mins)
  • Opuke – Tasks: Reading, Spelling Words, Basic Facts/Maths Knowledge Activity (approx 20 mins)

House and School Leaders

Each year these leaders are chosen from our Year 6 group of children. These children meet regularly with the Deputy Principals and are responsible for important leadership roles around the school. They work with the younger students and support the staff.

2019 Leaders

Whero (Red) House: Jamie K and Pinky A
Kahurangi (Blue) House: Jak V and Lucy Farrell
Kowhai (Yellow) House: Monty K & Jordan O
Kakariki (Green) House: Sam W & Emma B
Star Leaders: Emma A, Georgia M, Harriet B, Issy M, Matthew G, Tilly J, Tobi P.

House Groups

When children are enrolled at MPS, they are put into colour groups with their siblings. There are four house groups:

  • Whero (Red)
  • Kahurangi (Blue)
  • Kowhai (Yellow)
  • Kakariki (Green)

Children are awarded house points by earning ‘Stellar Cards’ to reward playground related behaviour.  At the end of each term the winning house group are rewarded with a fun activity run by the house leaders.  Other fun house activities and/or Mufti Days are organised by school leaders throughout the year to celebrate learning or support various causes.

ICAS Tests

We offer our Y4 – Y6 students the opportunity to take part in Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, Writing, English & Mathematics competitions. Students may choose to do none, one, or all of them, The aim of these exams is to test skills and processes in the various subjects and to provide children with worthwhile and challenging test experiences. These test take place in schools throughout the Pacific region and are an initiative of the Educational Testing Centre of the University of New South Wales. The majority of questions can be attempted by average students with reasonable chance of success. A few questions are designed to challenge more able students. Most questions are based on real life situations and involve the application of knowledge and skills developed inside and outside of the classroom. All students receive a certificate and letter with comprehensive feedback on their performance. Certificates awarded are: High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Achievement, and Participation. Medals are awarded to top students each year. Exams take place in September each year.


Leaving Methven Primary School

If your child is moving to a new school please inform the class teacher as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made to forward the necessary student information to the next school. This will also allow us time to gather up your child’s belongings and Methven Primary School belongings i.e. books.




The school has an excellent library with a wide range of titles available for use by children in the school. New titles are constantly added. All pupils spend some structured class time in the library each week and pupils are able to use the library at lunchtimes. Books are issued during in-school library sessions. Parents are requested to ensure books are returned to school promptly and in good condition.



Lockdown (Reverse Evacuation)

“In certain situations it may be necessary to move, or keep, all students inside. These situations include severe storms, a major accident in the school vicinity, or other dangerous situation. The school has a detailed plan for this event, and regularly practises it with students and staff.

Reverse evacuation plans are not published on our website or made available to the wider school community.

As appropriate to the situation, the school contacts parents and caregivers when it can, using the available communication options.

Parents must follow any instructions issued by the school, including not coming to the school to see or collect their children. This is particularly important when the school is in lockdown under Police instruction.”



Lost Property

Please ensure that all clothing and property is clearly named. The school cannot accept responsibility for lost property but every effort will be made to locate lost items. Items not labelled or named are put in the “lost property” box located in the hall foyer and you are welcome to check through clothing found and not claimed. At the end of each term any unclaimed property is sent to the Red Cross Shop. Please name all clothing!


Children are encouraged to have a healthy lunch.

We encourage all students to bring water to school daily. We also run the Milk in Schools programme and many students take advantage of this healthy option. We ask students not to bring Fizzy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Flavoured Milk and Juices to school.

All children need to have a piece of fresh fruit or veggie to eat at Fruit Break” at 10am, as well as sufficient food for first and second lunch. We ask students not to bring lollies to school.
A pie warmer is available for heating foods such as pies, toasties etc. Food should come wrapped in tin foil with name and room number marked clearly on the outside.
Choices for purchasing lunch (i.e. Wednesday sushi) are published in the school newsletter when available.




A map of the school can be found on our Classrooms / School page.




All medicine administered to children is dispensed through the school office. Children are not to keep medicine in their bags and self-dose, with the exception of asthma inhalers.

The school will only administer prescription medicine to students whose parents have made a formal request. This includes short term antibiotic courses. A Medicine Authority Form is available from the office, (download here) and needs to be filled out before medicine can be given.

All medication (e.g., tablets, liquid, epi-pens) must be delivered to the school by parents/care-givers, not by students. Please ensure it is clearly labelled with the child’s name, dose and time to be taken.

For more information, view our Medicines Policy.

Pain relief

If you do not wish your child to be given paracetamol (as indicated on the enrolment form), please contact the school office in writing.



Microsoft Showcase School

Methven Primary School is a Microsoft Showcase School. We have been using Office 365 since 2014. Children have their own login and email and this allows them access to Office 365 products on their devices at home. Senior classes are using shared online learning environments such as OneNote for their daily learning.



Milk for Schools

Fonterra Milk is about growing healthy kids and milk contains essential nutrients for growth and development. The natural nutrition of milk gives kids calcium for building bones and nutrients they need for sustained energy, concentration and learning in the classroom. Participation in the programme is entirely voluntary, with milk given out to students twice a week at 1st lunch. More information can be found at www.fonterramilkforschools.com.


Sporting | Trustworthy | Accepting | Responsible

Visit our MPS STAR page for more information.




As well as the school programme for music, children have the opportunity to join the school choir who perform regularly at a schools’ festival in Ashburton. Private music teachers teach lessons on the school premises and many parents take advantage of this opportunity and children are released from class time for their music lesson. Accounts are sent directly to parents by the music teacher.




School newsletters are emailed out to parents once a fortnight on a Wednesday, starting the second week of every term. Copies of all school newsletters can also be viewed on our website. Hard copies are also currently given to Junior Hub (Mahuri S & B) students to take home and additional copies are available from the school office.




Copies of all notices can be found on our Notices page.



Office 365

Detailed information can be found on our Microsoft Showcase School page.



Parent Helpers

There are many occasions where parents are able to help with school activities and teachers recognise and are grateful for the support they receive at these times. The classroom teacher will explain what the parent helper can do and help in the class lesson. Classroom Parent Helpers will be given a copy of the school policy on Parent Help, and will be asked to sign a confidentially form. Parents attending ETOC activities will be well briefed by the teacher in charge before departure.




Pet Day

Every second year (in term three) we hold a Pet Day event at school. Activities range from children dressing up in an animal theme for the day, classroom treasure hunts, dog agility course, animal care demonstrations, animal cake decorating/baking, animal sculptures, animal collages and pet viewing. Information will be loaded onto our Event Calendar closer to the time. Last event was held in 2016.



Pie Warmer

Note: Will start again Term 3, 2020

You can bring food like pies, toasties and pizza etc. to be warmed. We do not have the facilities to heat noodles or other foods that need boiling water. You must make sure your item is wrapped in tin foil and has your name and class clearly labelled on it. There will be a place in your class where you can leave your food item when you get to school. It will be collected by a senior student. At 2nd lunch you can collect your food item by the bell outside the office – wait for your name to be called.




We celebrate the Arts every second year with a Whole School Production. This is an opportunity for children to share their learning through performance. We use local venues to provide a stage for us to our limited space at school. We provide a number of options for families to come and see our production. Next production: Term 3 2019. Information will be loaded onto our Event Calendar closer to the time.Save



Collaborative Conferences

These will occur, usually in terms 1 and 3, for whānau and teachers to connect to discuss strengths and collaborate on next steps and learning goals for their student.  Information about booking these conferences will be on the school website and sent out through Hero.

On-line Reporting

Our Hero Student Management Programme provides a platform for us to report to whānau throughout the year.   Two to three times a term, snapshots of learning will be added to share a picture of each student’s learning journey across the curriculum. Teacher (Kaiako) and Student (Ākonga) comments will support and clarify the learning that takes place.  Graphs are used to show progress and achievement in Reading, Writing and Maths and will be updated twice a year.  Whānau will receive a notification to let them know that there is new reporting information being shared with them.

Informal Interviews

If you wish to meet a teacher for any particular reason during the school year, please contact the teacher or school office via email for an appointment.


Regular opportunities will be given for whanau to share aspirations for their tamariki, provide feedback on learning opportunities and support curriculum development and other school areas of focus at MPS.


School Grounds

Children may come into the school grounds from 8:30am (unless prior arrangements have been made). Children are not encouraged to remain at school after 3:20pm unless accompanied by a parent. Staff members will not be responsible for children after this time.




School Hours

This information can be found at the bottom of every page of our website.




School Song

Detailed information can be found on our School Song page.




School Policies

All areas of the school’s curriculum programme and school management structures are covered by comprehensive school policies and procedures. These are reviewed regularly and are available for parents to view through the office or the Principal.




Scooters & Skateboards

Children may bring scooters or skateboards to school. Helmets must be worn at all times. Specific areas for safe scooting and skating are provided and our scooter track is available for free use during break times. Please name all equipment clearly.





Methven Primary School is pleased to offer students the opportunity to travel in class groups to Mount Hutt for skiing or snowboarding. The school aims for two trips per class during August/September.

The school also offers a six week Friday Snow Sports Option programme for year 4 – 6 students.

Details are listed on our Event Calendar.




Snow Closure

Occasionally the school may have to close due to snow. Below is the procedure for closure during the day, and for closure before the start of the day.

Town Students

Procedure for closure before the start of the day

  • You will be notified of the closure by Hero text and email notification before 7.00am.

Procedure for closure during the day

  • Parents will be notified by Hero text and email notification of the closure. A post will also be placed on our Facebook page.
  • Students will be held in their classrooms until after the buses have departed.
  • Children will be kept at school until they are collected by a parent or caregiver.
  • Please use the back gate to collect your child, leaving McDonald Street free for buses.
  • If you wish your child to be collected by another parent, the office will need authorisation from you.
  • If for some reason you are unable to collect your child, they will be cared for at school.
  • It is essential to delay pickup of your children until after the buses have departed.

Bus Students

If at any stage closure is looking likely, please feel free to keep your children at home.

Special Learning Needs

We run learning support programmes throughout the school to cater for a range of different learning needs. We have a number of skilled Teacher Aides who work with groups of children and a Reading Recovery Teacher who works with individual children.





Methven Primary School encourages children to take up a sport – to be involved, to enjoy, to maintain fitness and skills, to contribute as a team member, to play fair and to play for success. Many of our students take part in after school/weekend local competitions (i.e. netball, tennis, miniball, hockey, cricket, soccer and rugby) and throughout the year we have a number of local codes providing skill development sessions during class time. Please feel free to contact the school office if you would like assistance in tracking down a contact number for a local sports club.

Methven Primary School participates in the annual Winter Sports Tournament which has teams competing against other schools from the Ashburton District in the main codes of Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Soccer. We also participate in the Mid Canterbury Rugby Union Rippa Tournament held in Ashburton during term 2, and Cricket & Miniball tournaments held in Ashburton. Event details are listed on our Event Calendar leading up to the event.

Staff Contact Details

Contact details of all staff members can be found on our School Staff page.Stationery – Team 4 2017Stationery – Team 4 2017Stationery – Team 4 2017Save




Detailed information can be found on our Stationery page.Stationery – Team 4 2017Stationery – Team 4 2017Stationery – Team 4 2017Save



Student Contact Details

Please ensure that you advise the school office if there has been a change of contact details (address, phone or email) so that we can update our Student Management System records. This includes all primary caregivers and emergency contacts.


Sunsmart Policy

Methven Primary School has a Sunsmart Procedure that makes sunhats compulsory in Terms 1 & 4. Hats should be a bucket or brimmed style. MPS red bucket sunhats are available from purchase via NZ Uniforms. It is important that children take responsibility for wearing and storing their own hats daily. Classrooms have sunscreen available, but this should also be applied at home before school.





The Methven Community Pool provides a fabulous resource for our students. Swimming is part of the school curriculum with all children expected to take part during the daily swimming times during terms one & four each year.

Methven Area Swimming Sports are held in term 1 for Years 5 & 6 each year, a combined event with OLS and Lauriston. County Schools Swimming Sports held at the EA Networks Centre in Ashburton.

A MPS Swimming Gala is held in term 1 for Years 1 – 4. This is a fun event, celebrating participation and having a go! There are widths, lengths and fun activities for all the children to participate in.

Information on swimming events are listed on our Event Calendar leading up to the event.


Terms Dates & Public Holidays

This information can be found at the bottom of every page of our website.





Detailed information can be found on our Uniforms page.