Our MPS STARs are at the centre of our Vision for teaching and learning for MPS children. Being Sporting, Trustworthy, Accepting & Responsible are the personal qualities we believe will ensure children learn, work cooperatively and play alongside each other successfully.

MPS STARs - Methven Primary School

After gathering and analysing data from students, community, staff and talking through recommendations with ourPB4L guru, John Taylor (Ministry of Education), the PB4L Student leaders were really proud to announce in June, our new revised STAR Reward System.

STAR Reward System – Classroom Years 0 – 4: Whole Class Certificates

Students Year 0-4 will work on a whole class certificate reward system. Positive behaviours within their certificate are explicitly taught and students work together to gain collector cards in each of the Sporting, Trustworthy, Accepting and Responsible areas. Classes then decide how they would like to be rewarded as a “whole class effort”.

Years 5 – 6: Individual Certificates

Students Year 5-6 will work on individual certificates over a two year period (gaining collector cards as they get their behaviour goals signed off). On completion on their certificate, a STAR Band will be rewarded. Year 6 students in 2020 will be rewarded with their STAR band at the end of year assembly. Year 5, 2020 students will start the process now and have until the end of 2021 to achieve their star band.

STAR Reward System – Playground

Starting this week, teachers will continue to reward appropriate behaviour in the playground by giving out Stellar Cards.

Once Stellar Cards have been received, their card will be placed in the House Colour Box and count for house points for the week.

Each week, 20 students will be drawn (at random) and rewarded with “STAR play time”, which will be taken on Fridays 10:30 –11am. House leaders take turns to supervise this extended playtime.


Penny: I think that changing to this sort of idea is really good because the little kids can work on their class reward and the Year 5 and 6s can work on their own. This is good for the senior kids to be more independent for heading on to high school.

Finn: The Stella playtime will be good because the ones that are good in the playground will be rewarded for showing our STARS. I’m pretty sure everyone likes having extra play.

Ella: It was nice to be chosen to be a PB4L Student Leader and I have liked being part of the process because we can help give student’s opinions. I think that it’s good for the Year 5 and 6’s to get the Bands because it gives them something to work towards. We like to be motivated to do the right thing.

Star Certificates - Team One - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Team Two - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Team Three - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Three Four - Methven Primary School