Our MPS STARs are at the centre of our Vision for teaching and learning for MPS children. Being Sporting, Trustworthy, Accepting & Responsible are the personal qualities we believe will ensure children learn, work cooperatively and play alongside each other successfully.

MPS STARs - Methven Primary School

Students are encouraged to be MPS STARs. Each team has created a break down of what these skills look like at their level. Students are rewarded with a sticker for MPS STAR certificate when they demonstrate these attributes in class. Once the students have gained all of the stickers for the individual attribute, they receive their collectors card for that STAR. The absolute STARs of the school will earn all of their collectors cards during the year and then be awarded their MPS STAR wristband, the ultimate goal!

Star Certificates - Team One - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Team Two - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Team Three - Methven Primary School
Star Certificates - Three Four - Methven Primary School