Additional money raised via fundraising activities can make a huge difference to the resources our school can provide for children. In addition, fundraising events can bring our whole community together and give children the message that their education is really worth investing in. We are always on the lookout for new and successful ideas to raise funds.

Our school fundraising group (Friends of Methven Primary School) meet once a term to identify and organise activities for raising funds for the school. Money raised each year goes towards projects identified by the BOT, Staff and Students as a priority. New parents are welcome and encouraged to join this group. Please contact the School Office if you are interested in supporting the Fundraising Group. Increased membership will allow the group to take on a greater number of fundraising opportunities. This will in turn provide better learning opportunities for our children.

We also have a range of individuals, organisations and businesses that support Methven Primary School.

Methven Scarecrow Trail - Methven Primary School

The Methven Scarecrow Trail is a fantastic annual school holiday activity for children & their families. Over 30 scarecrows are placed around Methven and people walk/bike/scooter around the trail finding the scarecrows and identifying the characters they represent.

Scarecrow Trail Maps (entry forms) are sold at the Methven i-SITE Visitor Centre.

There are prizes for the most correct answers and for the best scarecrow as voted by those taking part in the Trail.

This is a community not-for-profit activity and all proceeds go to Methven Primary School.

Next event: 15-28 April 2018

Visit the Methven Scarecrow Trail facebook page for more information.

Southfuels - Fuel for Schools