Enrolment Information

We invite you to contact our school office to discuss a possible enrolment, and to make an appointment to view our school facilities and to meet with one our leadership team.


Methven Primary is able to accept an enrolment for any child living within its school zone and has a limited number of places for out of zone children.

If at all possible, we would appreciate at least one weeks notification that you intend to enrol your child at Methven Primary School so that preparations can be made to receive your child. Notification can be made by phoning the school office (03 3028500), or completing a full enrolment below.

New entrants are encouraged to make several school visits before their 5th birthday to help make the transition from preschool to school as smooth, happy and positive as possible.

Twice a year we hold an information meeting for parents whose children are turning 5 soon. At this time you will have an opportunity to meet the principal, teachers and look around the learning environment. If you miss the meeting make an appointment to come and look around.

New Entrant Transition Process

  • Contact the school office to check that we have your child’s details on file.
  • 6-8 weeks before your child turns five you will receive an email or letter with transition information including dates and times for your child’s visits.
  • There are four transition visits held before your child turns five. These visits are held each Thursday. Please contact the office by phone or email if these dates do not suit
  • The first two visits are from 9-11am and the third and fourth visits are from 9-12:30pm.
  • Extra transition visits can be arranged at the end of the first visit or by contacting Jo Spittal.
  • Parents can stay to help settle their child and then it is recommended the parent leaves their child to have an opportunity to engage with the other students.
  • During visits your child will:
    • Meet their home class teacher
    • Get to know the collaborative space and other teachers in the area
    • Connect with friends and make new friends
    • Be given a buddy to support them in the class and in the playground
    • Begin to learn morning routines and where things are put before school
    • Begin to learn expectations during mat time
    • Learn our special code words – silent hands, ninja feet and spy voices
    • Find out what the class leader job is how they will know when it their turn
    • Start to learn about our school values and how to be an MPS STAR.
    • Explore and engage in the many activities provided
    • Have an opportunity to play outside in the play round and eat first lunch with the class during the third and fourth visits.