Principal Comment

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends of MPS,

Welcome back to the 2018 school year. I sincerely hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break and managed to kick back and relax for at least part of it.
The school year has kicked off with a roar and it was wonderful to see all the children wide eyed and keen for the start of their year long learning adventure. I would like to send out a warm welcome to all of our new families and children – we had 18 new children start on the first day, as well as our new Year 3 teacher; Alexandra Krivanek.

Our big learning focus this year is around connections with our community. During our planning days prior to the start of the school, teachers developed plans to really bring this to the forefront of what we do; expect to see us out and about in Stellar, the bus, throughout the year.

We have entered a new era in education with the government removing the compulsory aspects around National Standards. We will continue with the status quo until we receive more information from the Ministry and/or our Board of Trustees decide where we head to next. We will continue to keep you informed and abreast of any changes before they happen. Another change under the new government is the voluntary removal of school donations/fees. On the face of it, MPS will be significantly better off under this scheme, so we will be seeking to do this when its rolled out.

While teachers will be working really hard to make a difference in the learning of every individual child this year, to be really successful, parents and families need to continue that learning with their children at home as well. It is almost impossible for a child to reach their potential if you rely completely on 6 hours at school for their education.

As always, I am really interested in your thoughts and look forward to our journey together this year.

Have a great week,


Welcome to our New Students

Mahuri S: Samuel, Sophie, Blair
Mahuri T: Beau, Oskar
Mahuri I: Alfred, Brooke-Lyn
Hakatere G: Tara
Double Hill: Phoebe
Barrhill: Sophie, Laura
Piwakawaka B: Hamish
Opuke D: Hunter, Marco, Olivia
Opuke R: Roman
Opuke W: Bree, Mitz

Teacher Only Afternoon Sessions for Professional Development

The nine schools in our Kahui Ako (Community of Learning) will be involved with whole staff professional development afternoons throughout this year. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity for all teachers to work together and participate in quality professional development that will benefit all of the students in our Community. Instead of calling a Teacher Only Day in the first half of the year, which we know can cause stress for some families, we have decided to run 3 afternoon sessions (one per term for Terms 1, 2 & 3). On these days school will close for instruction at 1.30pm. Buses will be dispatched by 1.45pm.

The confirmed dates of these afternoon sessions are:

  • 20 February
  • 22 May
  • 14 August.

School will close for instruction at 1.30pm on Tuesday 20 February.

Wasp Control at School

Over the summer break we have had wasp bait stations placed around the school.  These stations are the bee’s knees for getting rid of wasps; a problem we have had at this time of year for the past few years.  There are warning signs at both entrances of the school as the bait is poisonous; however there is no bait in the stations during the school week.  The stations themselves are secured fairly high in trees.  Thanks to the Mee family who have been wonderful in helping us eradicate these nasty stingers from the school.

For more information on the wasp bait control (which is out during the weekends), visit